Global banking in the palm of your hand.

The world is changing and no longer does the traditional marketplace of deposit banking apply to today's transactional based society. This new ecosystem brings with it new global opportunities for business to truly leverage their consumer base. REDBANX's' powerful digital API platform brings you true innovation, so you can build the bank your customers want.

Infinite Possibilities

Conduct Transaction Anywhere, Anytime

No longer be restricted by antiquated and out of date banking solutions. Take advantage of digital banking and put the power in your clients hands.


Located in London, Hong Kong and Brisbane. REDBANX provides Banking, Payments and Compliance-as-a-Service solutions that optimize payment and banking transactions management.

Build your Truly unquie interface

Innovative Like Never Before

Banking innovations at your finger tips. Create global business and personal opportunities with traditional headaches.

Global coverage

True Global Marketplace

Enable your clients to be true global players, with accounts in USD, GBP & EUR

Build your Truly unquie interface

Smooth Interactions

Never before has world been as truly open as it is today. Take your customers and clients banking experience to whole other level. Design, implement and deploy your own truly unique banking environment that meets your customer's needs.

Carefully Crafted

Our API is designed to enrich your business

Powerful Payments and
eWallet Infrastructure

Trade faster and with greater efficient with direct integrations to powerful account top up solutions.

Realtime notifications

Manage your spending with instant transaction push notifications—you always have a transparent overview of what gets spent.

Headache free transfers

In just a few taps you can make realtime transfers. Send, receive money from your friends instantly.

Global Connections

Enable your clients to leverage the global market place faster with local accounts in the world's biggest economies.

Three billion is the forecasted number of the global users that will access to retail banking services through smartphones, tablets, PCs and smartwatches by 2021

Digital Banking users to reach nearly 3 billion by 2021— Voicendata, 2017

Infinite Possibilities

The digital revolution is disrupting the relationship,

between banks and their clients. Business and consumers are constantly pushing for faster and better access to not only their money. But the insights that can be gained from their spending. Taking advantage of cloud-based systems, mobile technologies enables engagement across a number of social and business oriented environments. Becoming your own digital banking platform affords you new level of knowledge about your clients.

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Our Vision

To provide the leading global platform for currencies, payments and smart contracts.

Everything You Need

One API to bring banking to your hands

Writing result-oriented ad copy is difficult, as it must appeal to, entice, and convince consumers to take action.

Create Accounts

Create accounts in seconds. Our ledgers store multiple currency types.

Receive, Send, Spend money

Debit and credit ledgers and send money to friends and family anywhere in the world.

IBAN, SWIFT, eWallet

True global banking platform providing beneficiary facilities across traditional rails and alternative

Manage Multiple Currencies

Manage, trade and store USD, GBP and EUR plus many others.

Integrate Scheme Cards

Integrate with and allow your customers to have Visa and or Mastercard associated with their accounts.

Great Support

Access 24/7 support for technical, AML/KYC and all your clients needs.

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